The Tree Worker’s Industrial Group

Building planter advocacy from the ground up TWIG began in October of 2018, as a small group of planters who were frustrated by the way the planting industry operates; all too familiar with stories of sexual violence, rookie hazing, and illegally endangering activities that permeate an exploitative industry. We met up, strategized how to improveContinue reading “The Tree Worker’s Industrial Group”

Treehab: A treeplanter’s effort to support recovering addicts

Treeplanting is seasonal work that is an essential part of Canada’s silviculture (forestry) industry. Treeplanters have been described as “a fascinating combination of rural residents, counterculture enthusiasts, and university students looking for a quick infusion of cash.” Due in large part to its nomadic lifestyle, gruelling physical labor, and transient workforce, it has developed aContinue reading “Treehab: A treeplanter’s effort to support recovering addicts”

Spring 2019 : The petition at Coast Range

Here is my own personal recollection of the events that happened this season at Coast Range. Origin of the petition In the spring of 2019, tree planters at Coast Range decided to hand in a petition to management highlighting serious issues regarding the company’s compliance with employment standards and blind spots in our contracts. DueContinue reading “Spring 2019 : The petition at Coast Range”